Quarantine snacks all eaten, multiple seasons of tv shows already binge watched and now your left staring around your house trying to figure out what to do. Let us help with things you can do without leaving your house:

Been thinking about getting a subscription box? Here are Buzzfeed’s recommended subscription boxes to keep you entertained while inside. 

Play games and learn about animals, double win! Switch Zoo has your kids covered with plenty of activities to keep them entertained. 

The virtual tour of the Great Wall Of China is STUNNING! And the best part you don’t have to get off the couch to see it. Check it out here: 

Has your company switched to working remote? Why not plan a remote team building activity for this coming week.

If  your childrens markers have run dry, or you’re tired of re-organizing the crayons, Nick Jr. has free online drawing and activities for kids! 

This list of the most thought provoking Ted Talks will have you pondering and thinking while stuck insider.