Quarantine snacks all eaten, multiple seasons of tv shows already binge watched and now your left staring around your house trying to figure out what to do. Let us help with things you can do without leaving your house:

If you haven’t checked out the Pixar cooking channel on Youtube, now is the time! Gather the kids around and make a pizza with Forky from Toy Story. 

Magic Hour in LA is incredible! And right now, the LA Tourism Board is live streaming the sunset from Venice Beach every night! So no matter, where you live in the world, you too can enjoy the sunset. 

We’re all spending more time at home, so why not send a surprise to yourself! Here are some of the 29 best subscription boxes. 

Here are seven multiplayer game apps that allow you to still connect with  friends while remaining socially distanced. Mario Kart Tour anyone? 

If you’ve been curious about the Orange Theory Craze, but haven’t tried it yet, now is the time! When you get the Orange Theory app you can try their classes completely free at home! 

Spice up your time in quarantine! Here are 10 specialty spices recommended by Food and Wine Magazine, that you can purchase online right now!