Quarantine snacks all eaten, multiple seasons of tv shows already binge watched and now your left staring around your house trying to figure out what to do. Let us help with things you can do without leaving your house:

Check out this list from Delish of all the grocery delivery services available! Produce, packaged goods and cleaning supplies can be delivered right to your door! 

We know we can’t be the only ones baking up a storm right now! Here are some baking tips compiled by Buzzfeed to help everything run as smoothly as possible in the kitchen. 

If you want to go beyond just cooking tips, here are seven free online cooking classes being offered right now! It includes cake decorating, which seems like a lot of fun right now! 

Stay connected with your friends during this time! Here are 22 of the best online games for you or your kids to play with their friends while stuck at home 

Has your child transitioned to Google Classroom for online learning? If so, and you need additional help navigating, here are some online tips. 

We love this list of educational apps that kids can use, but don’t require Wifi! No more worrying if the kids are getting distracted on Youtube while trying to learn.