Quarantine snacks all eaten, multiple seasons of tv shows already binge watched and now your left staring around your house trying to figure out what to do. Let us help with things you can do without leaving your house:

Just because you aren’t in New York right now, doesn’t mean you can’t eat like a New Yorker! Right now you can order from these 10 iconic New York restaurants from anywhere in the United States 

Le Creuset, Cuisinart and KitchenAid are upwards of 75% off at Wayfair right now! For anyone who knows what the prices are normally on these items, this is a HUGE sale! 

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego! Wherever you want her to be, with their interactive site!  With tons of activities and learning resources, this is a great website that both you and your children will enjoy. 

Looking to watch something a little different? Here are 12 classics films to watch on the Criterion Channel, available now! 

If you and your kids haven’t checked out the Chrome Music Lab, it’s pretty cool! It’s a great way for the entire family to learn music through hands-on experiences. 

If you need something to make you smile, or give you an idea of something to do, here is a list of 20 people living quarantine to the fullest!