Here are the suggestions for April 11.  Please exercise social distancing – these are all approved by the State of California.

 Fresh Seafood sounds amazing! And the Tuna Dockside Market still has plenty of it! Purchase an order online and then pick it up directly at the market.They have implemented tons of social distancing measure to ensure everyone remains safe and healthy.

We consider brunch one of the most important meals, and brunch can still go on right now ! Here is everywhere in San Diego you can get pick-up or delivery brunch. 

Walmart is selling bunny bait! A combination of sweet and salty and absolutely delicious looking.  It’s definitely going to turn into mommy bait in our house! 

There’s supposed to be a break in the rain today, so it’s the perfect time to start growing tomatoes! Read up on these tips from Better Home and Garden. They also include a chart to get info on anything you want to grow, so you’re not limited to just tomatoes!