Here are the suggestions for April 26 Please exercise social distancing – these are all approved by the State of Washington

If you’re just looking to get out of the house and try a new product, here are some new grocery store finds. Kit Kat Ice Cream Bars, Uncrustable Taco Bites, Orange Creamsicle Twizzlers, Or how about Costco’s Frozen Wine Popsicles

Have you seen the apple pancake at The Oak Table Cafe Before?! It’s a delicious heaping pile of goodness and is now available for takeout! If an apple pancake isn’t what you’re craving, don’t worry, there are plenty of to-go options! 

Been wanting some low maintenance plants for inside your home, or on your patios? This succulent subscription box is the perfect fit! Shipping from California to all over the United States, you can get succulents delivered to your front door and then get outside to enjoy them.