Here are the suggestions for April 16 Please exercise social distancing – these are all approved by the State of Washington.

Take out suggestion of the day

In Yelm, Shiplap Shop & Coffee House are thinking outside the box and partnering with other local businesses with promising results. Read more about it here.

Online workouts

Fitness Blender offers a very large assortment of free online videos to workout with. The first page alone offers a range of workouts lasting as short as eight minutes to a long of 90 minutes. Each description of the workout gives you information on how many calories you can burn, difficulty level and equipment suggested. Check out for yourself.

Getting outside

If you find yourself working on your yard and garden more now that we are spending so much time at home here are some tips for pruning roses.

Everyone enjoys a good treasure hunt. Combine it with rock painting and you have an afternoon of fun for the kids.