Your daily update and the impacts of COVID-19.  Here is your April 28 update (based on various military releases) 

AD: Depressed.  No pre-approvals for Tricare – essential medical treatment for depression and anxiety – Try TMS – a TRICARE approved no-meds approach to depression, anxiety and PTSD.  See Mission Valley TMS HERE

>> Temporary mess hall privileges aboard Camp Pendleton for mission essential civilian personnel to dine at garrison mess halls during contingency operations for COVID-19 – see here:

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>> 2 new, appointment-only COVID-19 testing sites opened in Escondido and Chula Vista.…/

>> New Public Health Orders allow people in San Diego County to enter the ocean as of sunrise this morning.  Check with your individual city because they determine if their beaches will open.

>> Are you excited to see some of the beaches and parks open again? Check here for up-to-date park and beach status.

>> The U.S. Navy has made changes to the Active Duty and Full-Time Support E-4 advancement exams as part of their COVID-19 mitigation efforts. Read more here:

>> Which military jobs have the highest suicide rates?  See the study here:

>> Study looks at who joins the military and why – story here:

>>  Virtual seminars for military spouses is tomorrow and Thursday. RSVP here:

>> Are military allowed to establish campaigns using sites like Go Fund Me?  Check out this story here:

>> With TRICARE, Help From a Nurse is Just a Call Away – see here:


>> FREE WEBINAR – The GI Bill & TA in the era of COVID-19. WHAT’S NEW – HOW TO NAVIGATE ONLINE EDUCATION, ETC. MAY 2 – rsvp to attend here: