Your daily update and the impacts of COVID-19.  Here is your April 3 update (based on various military releases) 

AD: Depressed.  No pre-approvals for Tricare – essential medical treatment for depression and anxiety – Try TMS – a TRICARE approved no-meds approach to depression, anxiety and PTSD.  See Mission Valley TMS HERE

>> Congress may look at offering 24-hour daycare services on military bases.  See the Story HERE:

>> Facebook LIVE Family Housing Town Hall is today. Everyone Is Welcome! We will be discussing timely topics with the Command. 1100 Friday, April 3rd. Go HERE:

>> A live Q&A for Camp Pendleton is also today at 5:30 pm – go HERE:

>> Here are Martine Corps updates courtesy of Military Times. “For Marines getting paid for foreign language fluency whose test scores are set to expire between March 16 and June 1, the Corps is dishing out an extra 60 days to re-certify “once the testing centers resume normal operations.

“DLPTs [ defense language proficiency test] will continue to be extended in 60-day increments until normal operations resume at testing centers,” the message states.

“The Corps is also asking personnel to update their common access cards, also commonly called a CAC, if they are set to expire by May 31. The Marines are directing sites and security managers who approve new CAC cards to not turn away any personnel who have CAC cards expiring within 60 days,” again, according to Military Times.

“The Corps is also delaying the enlisted to warrant officer and gunnery sergeant selection boards due to COVID-19 concerns. The two selection boards, slated to kick off on May 5 and April 15 respectively, have been postponed due to a Defense Department domestic travel ban that was implemented to stymie the spread of COVID-19. “These Boards will be rescheduled and updated board guidance will be released via separate Marine Administrative Messages,” the MARADMIN reads,” Military Times reported.

>> MCCS Ed Center on Miramar has a YouTube video up to discuss virtual education opportunities there.  CLICK HERE:

>> More on education. The California Department of Education has a new FAQ with guidance on grading and graduation requirements during COVID-19 that address a lot of these concerns. Learn more at the link below. Updates will also be posted at this site.

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>> Enjoy a myriad of what Pendleton’s MCCS has to offer from the comfort of your own home! Valuable resources and fun learning activities for every member of the family. MCCS is here to support you and help you stay connected! This and more for FREE at

>> School Liaison Officer Update:
San Diego Unified Food and Nutrition Services will be conducting a drive thru / walk-up distribution of daily prepared meals, free of charge. 

There will be no congregate feeding; all food is to be taken and consumed offsite. See social distancing guidelines to stay safe. For pre-cooked frozen meals, see our frozen foods information sheet.

Meal distribution times for all locations will be from Monday through Friday, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Current Serving locations:

•Clark Middle – 4388 Thorn St, San Diego, CA 92105

•Cherokee Point Elementary – 3735 38th St, San Diego, CA 92105

•Sherman Elementary School – 301 22nd St, San Diego, CA 92102

•Zamorano Fine Arts Academy – 2655 Casey St, San Diego, CA 92139

•Kearny High School – 1954 Komet Way, San Diego, CA 92111

•Walker Elementary School – 9225 Hillery Dr, San Diego, CA 92126

•Farb Middle – 4880 La Cuenta Dr, San Diego, CA 92124

•O’ Farrell Charter School – 6130 Skyline Dr, San Diego, CA 92114

•Porter Elementary North – 445 S 47th St, San Diego, CA 92113

•Chollas Mead Elementary, 4525 Market St, San Diego, CA 92102 

•Perkins K-8, 1770 Main St, San Diego, CA 92113

Ibarra Elementary School, 4877 Orange Ave, San Diego, CA 92115

•Horton Elementary School, 5050 Guymon St, San Diego CA 92102 

•Garfield Elementary School – 4487 Oregon St, San Diego, CA 92116

•Oak Park Elementary School – 2606 54th St, San Diego, CA 92105

•Cesar Chavez Elementary School – 1404 S 40th St, San Diego, CA 92113

Additional non-district serving locations:

•Albert Einstein Academy Middle School – 458 26th St, San Diego, CA 92102 (10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., M-F)

>> This year’s Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Mud Run has been canceled. 

>> The Barbershops on Camp Pendleton have modified their patron policy to accept Active Duty personnel only.
Patrons awaiting services are asked to please wait outside the facility. This is in an effort to maintain social distancing practices in light of current events.  For adjusted hours and locations, visit:

>> Drive thru COVID 19 testing in San Diego is now available. It is available by appointment for operational commands – no retirees or dependents at this time.  Info here:

>> Counseling is available for those who would like someone to talk to. Please call any of these phone numbers for support.
NAB: 619-437-2070
NAS North Island: 619-545-8213
Military OneSource: 800-342-9647
Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255

>> All NEX Embroidery Tailor shops, Laundry and Dry Cleaning locations are directed to close Saturday afternoon and these closures include all locations worldwide. Exceptions to embroidery and tailoring, where locations will remain open include the tailor shops at Recruit Training Command, Officer Training Command and NEXCOM’s Pensacola e-commerce tailoring and embroidery operation.

>> Medical & Dental updates in San Diego: NMCSD NURSE ADVICE LINE: 619-532-5358 Option 1: Information Option 2: Virtual appointments (M – F 730am – 4pm) 

DENTAL: Remains OPEN during regular hours 0700-1515 for emergencies and annual dental exams.
– All other appointments will be rescheduled until further notice.
– Mobile Dental Vans will not be used during this period and all patients will be redirected to the branch dental clinic for their exams. 

– Remains open during regular hours 0600-1530.
– In an attempt to ensure the safety of patients and staff during this period, the following services will be provided by phone and the Internet:
– Pre-scheduled appointments will be done by phone. Clinic staff will contact patients using their phone number on file.
– PHA’s will be completed by phone. Do not walk into the clinic. Instead, complete the online portion and call 619-556–8103.
– For all routine care including, shave chits, fit for full duty, or renewal of light-duty chits, please use TRICARE online at https://tricareonline.comsecure messaging to communicate with the clinic.
– Utilize the TRICARE nurse advice line to speak to a nurse about symptoms. Call 1-800-TRICARE and select option 1.” If the line is busy please try chatting with a nurse at

>> The MCX on Pendleton is offering extended shopping hours for select Patrons. The early shopping initiative for EFMP and Senior Shoppers will implement beginning Mar 31, 7 am to 8 am and continue weekly until noted.

>> Pendleton Commissary: In order to provide all patrons an opportunity to shop at the start of the day (after evening restocking), while providing better social distancing for at-risk individuals, the following exclusive shopping hours will go into effect starting Monday, March 30 with  exclusive access to designated patrons during the first hour that Camp Pendleton Commissaries are open from 9 am to 10 am.  Monday: Active duty in uniform. Tuesday EFMP families. Wednesday Military Retirees. Thursday Seniors age 60 or older. Fridays Active duty in uniform.