Your daily update and the impacts of COVID-19.  Here is your April 22 update (based on various military releases) 

AD: Depressed.  No pre-approvals for Tricare – essential medical treatment for depression and anxiety – Try TMS – a TRICARE approved no-meds approach to depression, anxiety and PTSD.  See Mission Valley TMS HERE

>> A food distribution drive-thru is open to all military (active, reserve, vets) April 25, 12 pm at SW Cmty College 900 Otay Lakes Rd in Chula Vista. No RSVP, first come, first served.

>> After announcing temporary changes to ID Card office procedures, the Navy has issued additional guidance on expired ID cards. Story here:

>> The Marine Corps has suspended the PFT. See story here:

>> FREE WEBINAR – The GI Bill & TA in the era of COVID-19. WHAT’S NEW – HOW TO NAVIGATE ONLINE EDUCATION, ETC. MAY 2 – rsvp to attend here:

>> MCCS Miramar has a chalk contest.  Snap a photo of your chalk art creations (Make sure your Military Child is included in the artwork) and submit it to us by April 26. We will select 5 out of all of our entries to vote on best photo. Voting will take place on our Facebook Page from April 27 – 29. We will announce the winner on Thursday, April 30.  PRIZE: The winner will receive a $100 MCX Gift Card! HOW TO ENTER: Email us at, comment below with your photo, or send us a message. 

>> Camp Pendleton’s Game Warden’s Office provides information on snake activity

The spring season brings about warmer weather aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. This increase in temperature brings with it a rise in wildlife activity. Snakes are among the wildlife that will begin to enjoy the spring season, utilizing the warmth to reheat themselves after the colder previous months. Twenty different species of snake call Camp Pendleton home; and fortunately, only three of these species are venomous.

The three venomous species that can be found on Camp Pendleton are: the Red Diamond Rattlesnake, the Southern Pacific Rattlesnake, and the Speckled Rattlesnake. These snakes are all easily identifiable by the distinct rattle on the tip of the tail that can be heard when they become agitated. (U.S. Marine Corps story by Lance Cpl. Broc Story)

There are 800 cases of rattlesnake bites reported nationwide annually to the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Of the reported bites, only one to two cases per year are fatal. A rattlesnake bite can be successfully treated by hospitals within two to three days.

For the full story, visit:…/camp-pendletons-game-wardens-off…

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>> Naval Base Coronado Community Recreation has assembled DIY Crafts ready for Curb Side pick up….fun for the whole family. Curb side pick up dates will be: Saturday, April 25th from 10am-1pm or Monday, April 27th from 3-6pm.  Registration found below:…/…/Coronado/CURBSIDEPICKUPTurtleArt…/Corona…/CURBSIDEPICKUPSuperHeroCraft…/…/Coronado/CURBSIDEPICKUPEggWreath…/…/Coronado/CURBSIDEPICKUPCactusCraft