Your daily update and the impacts of COVID-19.  Here is your March 26 update (based on various military releases) 

AD: Depressed.  No pre-approvals for Tricare – essential medical treatment for depression and anxiety – Try TMS – a TRICARE approved no-meds approach to depression, anxiety and PTSD.  See Mission Valley TMS HERE

>> Free counseling for children is available through telehealth via Military OneSource at

>> The 13 Area Branch Health Clinic on Pendleton will no longer be doing walk-ins for immunizations. Call-in refills for prescriptions can be made at (760)-763-3625 and must be made between 0730-1130 daily. Pick up between 1300-1600. To contact the drive through call: (760)-763-4900. Please consider following the NHCP Facebook page for updates.

>> Navy childcare programs are critical need for our Service members who need childcare to go to work every day serving our both at home and abroad.  During the current COVID-19 crisis we are adapting our Child and Youth Program (CYP) operations to meet both the Navy’s mission and family requirements while ensuring the children in our care and our professionals are healthy and safe.

Effective March 17 the following “social distancing” changes are being implemented:

•All Programs/Services that are NOT full-time childcare (ages 0-12) cancelled/postponed until further notice/continual monitoring

•All Hourly Childcare cancelled (unless emergency/ mission essential)

•All Youth Sports, Youth/Teen Programs, Field Trips away from Navy Childcare facilities cancelled

•No New childcare enrollees into Navy operated programs (unless emergency/mission essential)

•Parents are required to self-care for own children at home if Navy full-time telework agreement during COVID-19 pandemic is executed, parent fees will be waived/space saved

•Parent fees will be waived/space saved for all personnel who elect to voluntarily temporary withdrawal their child for at least two weeks or until May 1, 2020

•Installations may request waivers to reduce program operating hours

• Supplemental staffing required from other N9 programs for increased cleaning/sanitation

•Background check requirements waived but supplemental staff always in line of sight supervision of “blue smock” CYP employee and not in ratio

•School Liaison Officers Assigned to CDC/SAC to supplement

•All training requirements postponed

•All Teacher in-Service Days cancelled

•Increased handwashing and sanitation practices (e.g. cleaning door handles, hard surfaces, etc.)

•Minimize visitors (e.g. postpone all non-critical facility maintenance, etc.)

•Staff shall complete all sign in/out protocols

•Discontinue Family Style Dining (staff will plate food for children)

•Discontinue Tooth Brushing and Use of Sensory Tables

>> E-4 NWAE Delayed

Postponed, until mid-May, the E-4 Navy Wide Advancement Exam was scheduled for this Thursday (NAVADMIN 69-20).  Based on Fleet feedback to include social distancing and facility constraints, it is not possible for many of our commands to meet Force Health Protection Guidance and implement the exam.   

>> Boards Postponed

As with the NWAE, social distancing requirements and travel restrictions required a prudent pause to all administrative and statutory promotion boards (NAVADMIN 72-20) allowing time to properly plan execution and risk mitigation for our future boards.  Additionally, to free up space for higher priority statutory and administrative boards, this year’s O5 and O6 Selective Early Retirement (SERB) and Senior Enlisted Continuation Boards (SECB) will be cancelled.  We are also looking to expand our virtual board process as much as possible, particularly for administrative boards which can be executed in a virtual setting.  We are working to resume boards as soon as feasible, initially planning towards late May/early June, but earlier if possible.  We will ensure we prioritize the boards and will not disadvantage our Sailors.

>> PFA Cycle Suspended

This cycle’s Physical Readiness Test (PRT) and Body Composition Assessment (BCA) which started on 1 Jan and ends on 30 Jun (NAVADMIN 71-20) has been suspended.  Not only have many of our bases closed gyms, but also maintaining social distancing between personnel cannot be accomplished during the PFA.  We will recommence in the fall and will again ensure our Sailors are not disadvantaged.

>> Relaxation of Grooming Standards

In order to minimize Sailors exposure to COVID-19 and adhere to social distancing, we have relaxed hair grooming standards (NAVADMIN 73-20).  This will ensure our Sailors do not have to go to a hair salon or barber shop and potentially be exposed.  All normal grooming standards for sideburns, hairstyles and shaving are still in effect.  


>> Navy child development centers and school age care (SAC) programs in San Diego will begin instituting additional health protection measures. Protection of the children in our care, and the staff that work at all of our child and youth programs is of the utmost importance. 

In addition to the social distancing measures instituted March 17, in the metro San Diego area, the following measures will begin effective March 25, 2020 for Naval Base San Diego and Naval Base Point Loma, and March 26, 2020 for Naval Base Coronado:
*Based on center capacity, a possible reduction to hours of operation depending on demand signal;
*Based on center capacity and staffing levels, childcare access may be limited to single/dual active duty parents, single/dual DoD civilians, and active duty personnel with a working spouse.
*At San Diego bases, locations (CDC and SAC programs) will be consolidated. Parents will be notified no less than 24 hours in advance of any changes to their facility, and should check the website for additional information on their primary daycare facility.

Commanding officers at all bases throughout Navy Region Southwest are continuing to evaluate their childcare programs and needs. For those bases outside San Diego, follow the installation Facebook page and for updates on childcare and other services available.

AD: Learn online – Brandman University has 90 certificate programs.  Details HERE

>> What IS and ISN’T open on Pendleton – click HERE

>> Child and Youth Program facilities on Camp Pendleton will curtail regular program operations. Services will continue to be extended to families who are currently enrolled in a child development center or school-age care programs, where families have expressed a need for child care through parent surveys. We will continue to provide services from 0600-1800 for those families until further notice. Regular child care fees will apply.

Patrons who do not use care will not be charged (effective 20 March). Care will be offered to a limited number of children at the centers, utilizing a maximum capacity for health and safety, based on social distancing requirements, IAW San Diego Public Health. Children in care must be symptom-free from any illness. Health Checks will be conducted daily in the program lobby prior to signing children into care. If you have questions regarding child care services please call (760) 725-1867 between 0800-1700 Monday-Friday.

>> Looking for food options aboard Camp Pendleton? THIS page provides a full listing of what is open and if they offer mobile orders, delivery, or takeout.


– Remains open during regular hours 0600-1530.
– In an attempt to ensure the safety of patients and staff during this period, the following services will be provided by phone and the Internet:
– Pre-scheduled appointments will be done by phone. Clinic staff will contact patients using their phone number on file.
– PHA’s will be completed by phone. Do not walk into the clinic. Instead, complete the online portion and call 619-556–8103.
– For all routine care including, shave chits, fit for full duty, or renewal of light-duty chits, please use TRICARE online at secure messaging to communicate with the clinic.
– Utilize the TRICARE nurse advice line to speak to a nurse about symptoms. Call 1-800-TRICARE and select option 1.” If the line is busy please try chatting with a nurse at

PSD CAC ID Office (Harbor Dr) Normal Hours of Operations – with Limitations
– Emergent DEERS / RAPIDS ID Card Services ONLY
These include:
– Initial CAC issuance
– Lost/stolen CAC or Teslin ID cards
– CAC/Teslin Cards due to expire in the next 30 days

Note: It is highly encouraged that an appointment is scheduled prior to reporting to the ID card facility.

C. San Diego Navy specific info is here: