Your daily update and the impacts of COVID-19.  Here is your April 4 update (based on various military releases) 

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>> USAA will give a 20% credit on two months of premiums in the coming weeks if they had an auto insurance policy in effect on March 31. Story here:

>> New guidance amending Memo #16 has been issued. This new guidance, Memo #25, clarifies that personnel granted temporary access to the commissaries and exchange stores due the COVID-19 response efforts are prohibited from purchasing firearms in the exchanges. For the full memorandum, click here: 

>> There is currently little to no evidence that pets can become sick with COVID-19 or spread the virus to humans or other animals. Brooke Army Medical Center encourages you to not to remove your pets in fear of #COVID19. See more, here:

>> There are significant and rapidly changing implications for service members and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic.The Department of Defense Office of Financial Readiness put together a list of financial resources to address the specific needs of the military community – from stop movement order to financial assistance, news and information and more. Visit for details.

Previous updates …

>>> BMT will be temporarily shortened to seven weeks. This causes the graduation dates to be shifted, but they will continue to be live-streamed for your viewing on the USAF Basic Military Training page. More information here: 

>> Regarding the cloth face coverings,  the command has been compiling your questions and are awaiting further guidance. For now, personnel are authorized to make their own masks. We recommend following the CDC guidance here: 

>> The Valley Hi Gate on #JBSA-Lackland is closed until further notice. Please use alternate means at this time.