We know while restrictions have somewhat been lifted in Texas, the 50 mile radius still apply’s to the Texas Military Community. We’re here to provide ideas of activities that can still take place under these restrictions!

Popeyes is here with the family meals! And these are massive family deals full of plenty of their delicious chicken to satisfy the whole family. https://bit.ly/3c9bD1i 

If you have ever tried the Christmas version of Trader Joes Jangle, and if this is anything like it, then you know this is something to be excited about and want to head out and buy next time you’re at the grocery store! https://bit.ly/2ylHXzp

Taco Cabana is now selling Margaritas by the gallon to-go! The purchase must be made with food, but the perfect thing to pick-up and keep in your fridge for whenever the need for a refreshing drink calls! https://bit.ly/2ycGXhg